Feature Comparison

Onshape helps companies speed up and modernize their design process by uniting CAD,data management,collaboration tools,real-time analytics,and more than 50 engineering apps all in one place.


IT Administration and Accessibility Onshape® SOLIDWORKS®
No Downloads or Installs
Instantly Add and Revoke CAD Seats
Instantly Add and Revoke Access to Company-Owned CAD Data
All Users in the World on the Same Version of Software
New Features & Fixes Every 3 Weeks
Vendor-Provided Hosting,Backups,and Security
Runs on PC,Mac,Linux,and Chromebook
Fully Featured Mobile Apps: iPhone,iPad,Android
Support and Education Onshape® SOLIDWORKS®
Cloud-Based Support Direct w/ Vendor
Online Self-Paced Courses and Live Training
Online Documentation
Part Modeling Onshape® SOLIDWORKS®
2D Sketching
3D Solid Modeling
Surface Design and Analysis
Parametric Multi-Part Modeling
Direct Editing
Sheet Metal
Molded Part Design
Advanced Mold Design
Wire,Pipe,and Tube Routing
Table-Driven Part Configurations
Parameter-Driven Part Configurations
Assembly Modeling Onshape® SOLIDWORKS®
Assembly Mates
Mate Limits
Mate Relations
Mate Rigidly-Connected Parts in One Step
Inherently Flexible Subassemblies
Controlled In-Context Editing
Kinematic Animation
Interference and Collision Detection
Assembly Configurations
Standard Parts / Components
SOLIDWORKS® Professional
Drawings Onshape® SOLIDWORKS®
Fully-Associative Drawing Views
Controlled Drawing Updates
Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Annotations and Symbols
Integrated DWG Viewer
Bill of Materials
Exploded Views
Associative Standard Hole Callouts
Hole Tables,Weld Tables,and Cut Lists
Sheet Metal Bend Notes
Model-Based Definition
CAD File Import / Export Onshape® SOLIDWORKS®
Import Neutral 3D CAD Files
Import Proprietary 3D CAD FIles
Export Neutral 3D CAD Files
Export Proprietary 3D CAD Files
Data Management Onshape® SOLIDWORKS®
Lock-Free Version Control
Multi-User Modeling w/ No Check-in or Check-out
Infinite Undo,Redo,and Restore
Graphically Compare History States
SOLIDWORKS® Professional
Branch and Merge Designs
Controlled Reference Updates
Advanced Metadata Search
SOLIDWORKS® Professional
Integrated Release Management and Approval Workflows
Collaboration and Sharing CAD Data Onshape® SOLIDWORKS®
Share CAD Data w/o Creating Copies
Granular Permission Controls
Revoke Access to Shared CAD Data
Real-Time Collaborative Modeling
Real-Time Collaborative Viewing
Live Chat and Comments
Task Assignment
Mobile Notifications
Install-free CAD viewer
Analysis,Rendering,CAM,and More Onshape® SOLIDWORKS®
Online App Store
Photorealistic Rendering
SOLIDWORKS® Professional
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
Structural / Stress Analysis (FEA)
Thermal,Vibration & Non-Linear Analysis
Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis
Fluid Simulation (CFD)
Integration API
IDE for Creating Custom Features
Consumable,Community-Written,Custom Features