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Do your best work from anywhere.
No crashes.No data loss.No design gridlock.

Trusted by thousands of companies

State-of-the-Art Parametric 3D Modeling

CAD rebuilt with everything you need,without the hassles you don't.True top-down design with configurations,standard content libraries,multi-part modeling and in-context editing.

"I have experienced the pains of traditional CAD,the frustration of checking in and out enormous files,time-consuming updates,and the dreaded backwards incompatibility problem.Simply put,using Onshape doesn't give me headaches.""
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Bard Johansen
Owner,BLJ Engineering

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Anywhere,Anytime Access

No downloads,installs,license keys,service packs or compatibility issues - everyone has the latest version.

"Not having to worry about CAD installation,updates or patches feels like being able to drive a car around while someone else is automatically taking care of all the maintenance.""
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Ravishankar Kalvai
President,Marsun Technologies

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Zero files.Zero PDM hassles.

Eliminate the check-in / check-out hassles and wasted IT overhead of old PDM systems by storing and sharing your CAD data in a secure cloud workspace.

"Onshape's sharing,collaboration and control abilities are revolutionary.It's easy to share documents with suppliers,and data management is now much less of a headache.This also saves us local storage and backup demand.No more lost files and broken links!""
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Alex Buys
R&D,Gabler Medical

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Unprecedented Control and Security

Intellectual property in old CAD files is easy to lose track of.Take complete control over your data with a secure cloud workspace.Control and monitor access privileges and see who changed what,when.

"Onshape has changed the way we do design reviews.We can share models with varying levels of permissions – from full editing and sharing to view-only – on everyone's computer,phone or tablet.So instead of crowding around one person's clunky laptop,everyone can now look at the full assemblies on their own device.""
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Jason Barton
Chief Engineer,Iron Ring Technologies

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Amazing Support Without the Middleman

Get unlimited support directly from our CAD experts.Ramp up fast with self-paced training,comprehensive documentation,and active forums.

"Onshape's customer support is impressive.When something doesn't work as expected,the built-in feedback tool works great.I've put in several bug and feature requests and always get a response within 24 hours.Bug fixes usually make it into the next release within a few weeks!""
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Ed Lee
Senior Engineer,iX Cameras Ltd

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No exorbitant upfront fees.No hidden costs.

Onshape offers the modern CAD you need,without the old CAD hassles you hate.